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Loose Skin After Weight Loss: Is it really an inevitable fact of life?

Written by: Karen Duncan

Several Variables Determine if a Person will have Loose Skin after Weight Loss
Whether or not a person will have an excessive amount of loose skin after weight loss will depend on several different variables, such as those outlined here.

Genetics and the Environment
Overexposure to the sun and harmful chemicals in the environment have an affect on our skin's elasticity, as does our genetic make-up, or what type of skin conditions we may be prone to.

Nutrition Really Does Make a Difference
Our skin requires a certain amount of nutrients, such as fatty acids and antioxidants, as well as a continual, and adequate supply of water to be healthy and retain elasticity for as long as possible.

Equally generous amounts of vegetables and fruits are also factors of good skin health. Following a diet that dictates very few calories is likely to cause a loss of lean muscle mass rather than fat, and also cause an increase in the amount of loose skin after weight loss. Which is yet another reason why exercise is so important.

Exercise is Essential
Increasing lean body mass by strengthening muscles with weight training and regular exercise will cause the appearance of loose skin to be minimized, and easier to tighten and tone.

Time is of the Utmost Importance
How quickly you lost the weight, AND how quickly you gained it all in the first place are both accurate precursors when determining how well you'll be able to tighten loose skin when losing a sizable amount of weight. It then stands to reason that it also depends on how long you carried around that extra weight to determine how well your skin will regain its usual shape.

Consider a pregnancy which lasts nine months, as opposed to an overweight person constantly straining and stretching the skin for nine years. Chances are the new mother will be able to eliminate any loose skin much quicker than someone who was overweight for years at a time. Also, the older you are, the harder it is for skin to return to its normal state.

The Surgical Option
The surgical removal of loose skin around the abdomen is referred to as an abdominoplasty. When considering any type of surgery, it's always wise to get two opinions, as is the case if your doctor recommends that loose skin be surgically removed after weight loss. Also, learn what your exact body fat percentage is before considering surgery. Your doctor should be able to use several different methods of measuring this such as with calipers or by underwater weighing.

Be Wary of False Claims
The creams and lotions touted as being miracle cures for tightening up loose skin really do sound too good to be true. This is most likely because they are, as there's no cream currently available that will completely eliminate loose or hanging skin after weight loss. There may be topical applications that cause the skin to lose some of the water it retains making it appear tighter, but that is only a temporary result.

Have Patience
Your skin really isn't going to tighten up over night, or over a few nights for that matter. It's going to take time before you'll see results, provided that you stay the course, and remain true to your efforts.


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