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Natural Weight Loss and Exercise

Written by: Karen Duncan

Natural Weight Loss is Free
At any given time, people all over the world are literally spending billions and billions of dollars in search of weight loss and better health. What they fail to realize is that natural weight loss is free, relatively easy, and also the most effective means of losing extra pounds, keeping them off for good, and gaining a healthier lifestyle.

A body mass index (BMI) over 28, which equals to about 20 pounds of excess weight, is considered to be overweight enough to raise the risk of serious diseases and conditions, including diabetes, high blood pressure, and arthritis.

Natural weight loss focuses on preventing these ailments by eating healthy foods designed to help the body's metabolism function as well as possible. Without a properly functioning metabolism, many areas of our bodies would be adversely affected, and weight loss wouldn't even be possible.

Ideally, our metabolism has three main purposes:

- To eliminate toxins and unneeded substances from our bodies in the form of waste matter.
- To convert energy from the foods we eat in both our cells and muscles, into expendable energy.
- To store energy that's used as fat, and to store glucose in the form of glycogen.

All Calories are Not Created Equal
The amount and type of foods consumed, along with regular, but moderate physical activity are what keeps the metabolism working at its full capacity. Contrary to popular belief, all calories are not created the same, and it really does matter what kind of calories you eat, when, and how much. By regularly eating foods high in carbohydrates and sugars, the body continually uses those as its source of energy, instead of burning stored fat.

The Importance of Exercise for Natural Weight Loss
Glycogen, approximately 12 hours worth, is stored within the muscles, just waiting to be used for energy. When we regularly exercise and exert energy, this storage amount is then depleted quicker, forcing the body to use stored fat cells for energy, ultimately causing weight loss.

Fad diets, or get-thin-quick diets often drastically restrict caloric intake for days, or even weeks at a time. The major problem with these is that the weight lost is primarily glycogen, rather than fat. Once a person begins eating normally, or not exercising, the weight rapidly returns.

The Importance of Water for Natural Weight Loss
One of the most often overlooked benefits to regularly drinking water is that it helps flush the body of harmful toxins. This natural method of detoxification is crucial for our organs to function to their full potential. Water also gives us healthy, elastic skin, and benefits every system of the body from the muscles to the nerves, as well bones and joints. Drinking water is also imperative to replace what's been expended during exercise.

Water also:

- Improves metabolism
- Decreases appetite
- Eliminates fluid retention
- Improves the function of the endocrine system
- Helps regulate body temperature
- Improves liver function

Eating whole grains, vegetables, fruits, fiber, and limiting foods that are high in sugar, along with a sensible exercise routine, are all that's really necessary to lose a healthy two to four pounds per week. Any more than that, and it's likely that precious muscle is being lost instead of harmful fat.


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