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Questions and Answers About Using a Patch for Weight Loss

Written by: Karen Duncan

Q: What are the most common ingredients in a patch designed to promote weight loss?

A: Patches contain mixtures of different herbs, with each product having their own proprietary blend. Some of the herbs used are supposed to burn fat cells, and may also be found in tablet or pill form. Some common ingredients include flaxseed oil, zinc citrate, zinc pyruvate, guarana, and lecithin.

Q: Will a patch cause me to lose weight quickly?

A: Most patches for weight loss are marketed as a sensible approach to dieting and weight loss, rather than as a fad or crash-type of diet. Since gradual weight loss is the most effective, especially over the long-term, the patch used should claim a loss of no more than one to three pounds per week. Although it isn't uncommon for people to report losing five or more pounds per week for several consecutive months when using a weight loss patch.

Q: How soon after wearing a patch should I expect to start losing pounds?

A: While the exact timeframe generally depends on the individual, usually people start to notice a decline in appetite within the first week, with others reporting it taking two weeks to notice the positive effects.

Q: Will the patch burn my skin, or cause any type of irritation?

A: No patch for weight loss should cause any type of burning sensation, and is likened to removing an adhesive bandage. Some people with overly sensitive skin may experience redness after removing a patch, which is basically the only side effect associated with wearing one.

Q: Where must the patch be worn, and does it come off in water?

A: A patch for weight loss purposes can be worn on any part of the body, and usually won't come off during bathing, showering, or swimming.

Q: Do weight loss patches interact with any type of medications?

A: Since patches are generally made from all-natural ingredients, the chances of interactions with drugs in the system are relatively low. Although any specific concerns should always be addressed by your own doctor who is the most familiar with your current health and any medications you are taking.

Q: Will a patch for weight loss make me feel anxious or agitated like most weight loss drugs?

A: Since there are no actual drugs involved in weight loss patches, there's no risk of side effects including heart palpitations, trouble sleeping, or a racing pulse, which are associated with some diet aids. Because patches are transdermal, the ingredients are slowly introduced to the system rather than all at once into the bloodstream, or even as quickly as the method of taking pills or capsules.

Q: What does transdermal mean?

A: Transdermal is the term used to describe the delivery of a substance into the body via the skin. A distinct benefit to a transdermal patch is that the ingredients of the patch are absorbed directly into the bloodstream, bypassing the filtration process done by the liver.

Q: Will my weight return if I stop wearing a patch?

A: Discontinuing the patch will not directly cause a person to gain weight, however, it may be easier for them to gain back that weight without the added help from the patch. A healthy diet and regular exercise will keep the extra pounds at bay after wearing a patch for weight loss.


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